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The Investor's Advocate: Impulse Control

  Remaining Focused During Unpredictable Events is Key to Investment Success   Has recent events caused you to feel a bit...anxious regarding your portfolio? If so, then you might find an essay entitled "Anxiety Notoriety"  ( ) helpful. The posting is one of the many useful resources available to investors at How To Invest  ( ). The blog is authored by Anthony Rhodes, who is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ). "Sometimes, when it comes to our investments, we van actually become our own worst enemy." he began. "Especially during unpredictable events such as those we've been experiencing recently." he added. "Our impulses are telling us to behave in one fashion, and our intellect, another, and oftentimes it's the magnitude of the event which wins out." he f

The Investor's Advocate: Hocus Pocus Focus

  Slight of Hand Tricks Used by Businesses to Make Performance Deficiencies Disappear Would you like to be made aware of the clever tricks some companies use to conceal their growth deficiencies? And better yet, how to protect your investments from them? If so, then you should certainly read a posting called "Disguised Dysfunction" ( ). The essay is a recent addition to Anthony Rhodes' popular How To Invest blog ( ). Mr. Rhodes is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ).   "Performance anxiety is not just a condition which affects some middle aged men." he joked. "Businesses are also confronted with it, and some resort to very clever tactics to meet their growth expectations." he furthered. "Or at least to make it appear as if they have." he added. What'