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The Investor's Advocate: Built to Survive

  Taking a Page From Nature's Rule Book to Select Stocks That Endure During Difficult Economic Conditions With the continued financial fallout from the Coronovirus decimating the economy, how can you be sure that the companies within your portfolio will be able to sustain themselves in an environment in which only certain sectors appear to be producing profits? For tips on finding the answer, and how to identify stocks which actually thrive in such conditions, you should read "Corporate Darwinism"  ( ) by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ), which is a recent posting on his popular How To Invest blog  ( ). "Nature has provided a specific set of rules which determine whether certain species will survive, while others won't, and they are actually easily translated into ways of identifying companies wh

The Investor's Advocate: Dogged Discipline

  Hazardous Retirement Planning Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them Most of us tend to view our retirement as a destination which we arrive at in our 60's. But it's best to approach it as a journey, which culminates in our 60's, after decades of focused planning. So says the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( ), Anthony Rhodes, in a posting on his How To Invest blog ( ) called "Sit. Stay. Rollover."  ( ) "When we approach our retirement as more of a journey than a destination, we increase our focus during those years in which many critical errors are often made." The posting takes an analyzing look at mistakes that often take place in our 40's and 50's, which can hinder us from making the most of our retirement proceeds. "It's human nature to be susceptible to these types of gaffes, but they can a

The Investor's Advocate: Revolutionary Visionaries

  How Many Visionary Companies are in Your 401(k)? Just how valuable are visionary CEO's when compared to their non-visionary counterparts? The difference can hold in the balance the success or failure of your entire portfolio, according to Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( ), in a must read posting on his How To Invest blog  ( ) called "Myopic Managerial Miasma"  ( ). "The role of Chief Executive is the most important of any company." he began. "But just like other positions, some CEO's are more talented than others." he added. "There is a clear difference between the visionaries and the non-visionaries, and investors need to understand how owning stocks which employ one over the other can impact the value of their portfolios." We are all familiar with celebrated visio

The Investor's Advocate: Emotional Intelligence

  Pulling Back the Curtain to Reveal the True Impetus Behind the Markets' Movements Would you like to find out what really directs the movements of the stock market? And furthermore, how you can best profit from learning the answer? If so, you should read an interesting post called "Catalyst Analysis"   (, by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( ). This is a recent entry to his popular How To Invest blog  (  "The stock market appears as an intimidating entity upon first impression, but its working mechanics are actually quite simplistic." he began. "Once all the layers of complexity are peeled back, what's left are basic fundamental principals that every person can not only recognize, but are also able to identify with." he added. "The discovery of these elements highlights the overa

The Investor's Advocate: From the Mouths of Babes

  How to Use a Resource We are All Too Familiar with to Grow Your Portfolio What if I told you that there was a resource which could increase the value of your investments, and it probably stares you in the face on a regular basis? Would you be interested in attaining this knowledge? If so, then perhaps you should read a posting called "Psst. Want a Hot Stock Tip?"   ( ), by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( ) from his How To Invest blog  ( ). "This is a resource which I stumbled upon by happenstance many years ago, but has proven to be surprisingly consistent in its ability to predict future trends." he opened. "Recently, advertisers  on social media platforms have sought to monetize this asset by targeting so-called Influencers, but there's still opportunities to be had on t

The Investor's Advocate: Vulture Venture

  Using the Techniques of One of Nature's Most Reviled Creatures to Increase the Value of Your Portfolio Would you like insights into an investment strategy that can deliver large payouts in very short amounts of time? If so, then you should read a posting called "Scavenger Hunt" (, by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( from his popular How To Invest blog ( ). "Although quite aggressive, if properly implemented this technique can prove to be handsomely rewarding." he began. "Being both a designer and student of investment strategies in general, I've always taken a bit of a shine towards this one. Primarily because of the psychological aspects of human nature which it entails." he added. "But it's certainly not for the faint of heart." Mr. Rhodes describes the foundations of th

The Investor's Advocate: Diversity Dilemma

  Pending Challenges to Conglomeration Could Dismantle Long-Used Strategy Which Fuels Most of 401(k) Growth Could one of the most successful strategies behind the growth of your retirement plan soon become obsolete? And is so, what exactly will replace it? These intriguing queries are addressed in a new posting called "The Potpourri Paradox"  ( ) by Anthony Rhodes, on his popular How To Invest blog ( ( ) . Mr. Rhodes is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective   ( ). "As far as investment strategies go, I can't think of any which has had more of a direct impact on capital appreciation than this one." he began. "Diversification is the single most important resource in an investors' toolbox, and while the post covers possible alterations on the micro level, it still could have a definitive effect on portfolio grow

The Investor's Advocate: Will Our New Techno Nirvana be Terrific, or Terrible?

  Expectations and Warnings About the Present Technological Revolution Clearly, we are in the midst of a new technological revolution. But what are the best ways for investors to profit off of it? The answer to this question can be found in an intriguing post called "Eden Anew" ( ) by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective   (, which is a posting on his popular How To Invest blog ( "These are shaping up to be exciting times for mankind, in general, and investors, more specifically." he began. "New technological advances are taking place seemingly on a daily basis, which promises to usher in a brave new world of nearly limitless possibilities." he added. "The primary question is, however, will our growth as a species keep pace with that of our technologies?" he surmised. "The way in which we a

The Investor's Advocate: Of Median Importance

  Predicting Some Stock Market Crashes May be Easier Than You Might Think Is our human nature to blame for stock market crashes? And if so, doesn't that make them easier to predict? These questions and their answers are explored in a thought provoking post called "Nothing In Excess"   ( ), by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( ) on his popular How To Invest blog  ( ) . "The ability to predict many stock market crashes lies inherent within us all." he began. "The challenge, of course, is that the intellectual components of our human nature, which allows us to anticipate coming crashes, is in a constant struggle with our emotional ones, which impairs our ability to notice them." he added. "Whichever of these forces wins out will determine whether we are on the upside or downside whenever

The Investor's Advocate: The Stock Market as A Proxy for Life?

  Identifying How Market Strategies Translate to Everyday Usage We all know that the stock market provides us with opportunities to build wealth, but did you know that it could provide us with other advantages, as well? Some, in fact, which may ultimately prove to be more important than the appreciation of our capital? This view is expressed by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ) , in a posting on his popular How To Invest blog ( ) called "It's Not Just About The Money" ( ). "For the observant, the stock market has multiple dimensions." he began. "Each of which that can provide us with lessons which goes far beyond the growth of our money." he added. "The ways in which you approach it will determine whether you are able to recognize them or not, but they do exist." he explain

The Investor's Advocate: Will Power

  Why Purpose Driven Investing Should Be Added to Your Investment Strategies Can the power of purpose be used to help you to grow your investment portfolio? And if so, to what extent? To find answers to these questions, you should read an interesting post from Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ) called "Profit Motive" (  ) . This is a recent addition to his popular How To Invest blog (  ). "Purpose has power." he began. "Everything that we see around us-from buildings to automobiles, to electronic devices-all originated from a founding purpose." he added. "And it is this idea which provided a basis for the article. I wanted to tap into this internal will power, and use it to drive home the message that, if properly implemented, it could be directed towards becoming a successful investing tactic.

The Investor's Advocate: "Gotcha!"

  Identifying Money Trap Stocks and Their Psychological Tools of Deception Is there a method for detecting stocks that are more likely to move sideways upon their purchase? Or, worse yet, head downward shortly thereafter? If you'd like to discover some techniques which will help you in finding the answer, then you should read "Fools's Gold" ( ), by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ), on his popular How To Invest blog ( ). "We'd all like to find that perfect stock which immediately moves upward initially after our purchase, and this desire opens us up to 'money trap' stocks which can do the exact opposite." he began. "These stocks appear to us as great opportunities, but upon closer examination, are actually some of the worst places to put our money." he added. "Their low price

The Investor's Advocate: IPO "Doh!"

  Revealing Mistakes Investors Often Make with IPO's Think that IPO's are the "sure bet" investment that many make them out to be? Think again! So says Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ) in a new post called "Offering Overload" ( ). This is a recent addition to his popular How To Invest blog ( ). "It's hard for investors not to get excited about IPO's." (Initial Public Offerings) he began. "They provide an opportunity to potentially own high performing stocks from their very first day of issuance." he continued. "Imagine if you could go back in time and purchase future giants like Netflix, Google or Amazon as soon as they became available to the public." he added. "This is the potential that the IPO market represents."  The problem, according to Mr

The Investor's Advocate: Disruption for The Disruptors?

How to Own Stocks That Compete With Disruptors Can companies successfully compete against the so-called Disruptors? And if so, how can you, as an investor, benefit from their success? These questions are explored in a posting called "Forced Feeding" ( ), on the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (  ) Anthony Rhodes' How To Invest blog ( ). "It's very difficult to compete with Disruptors, because paradoxically, you are actually competing against a better version of yourself. "Mr. Rhodes began. "These companies are masters at exploiting business inefficiencies." he added. "The interesting thing about Disruptors is that they don't generally create anything new, but instead use technology and other means to exploit the inefficiencies that already exist within other businesses." he explained. "In ess

Introduction Post

                                                                                    The Investor's Advocate Welcome to the initial and introductory posting of The Investor's Advocate investment education series. Over the course of the proceeding posts, this forum will attempt to provide both novice and experienced investors with insightful information to help them become more informed, and ultimately better, investors. Each series entry will include an interview with Anthony Rhodes; the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( ) regarding postings on his How To Invest blog ( ). The respective entries will provide links to the aforementioned blogs' pages for readers to review, but solely for educational purposes, as no advertisements of any kind are located on the site. The blog includes a catalog of past posts on investment topics, so that current readers can gain a feel of its style and format. Our in