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Using the Techniques of One of Nature's Most Reviled Creatures to Increase the Value of Your Portfolio

Would you like insights into an investment strategy that can deliver large payouts in very short amounts of time? If so, then you should read a posting called "Scavenger Hunt"(, by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective  ( from his popular How To Invest blog (

"Although quite aggressive, if properly implemented this technique can prove to be handsomely rewarding." he began. "Being both a designer and student of investment strategies in general, I've always taken a bit of a shine towards this one. Primarily because of the psychological aspects of human nature which it entails." he added. "But it's certainly not for the faint of heart."

Mr. Rhodes describes the foundations of this tactic for his readers, and explains why some investors find it an irresistible strategy, despite its risky nature.

"The potential for high payouts is what draws investors to it." he stated. "But coupled with the fact that it's based on pure logic, also contributes. Most investment strategies tend to be a bit esoteric, and beyond the understanding of the average person, but this one is both easy to comprehend and implement." he closed.

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