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Tools to Help You to Counteract the Effects of Inflation

With prices on the rise, are there any resources available to help both your wallet and your portfolio to counteract their effects? If so, what's the best way to employ their usage? For the answers to these questions, you should read a posting called "Deflation" (, a new article on Anthony Rhodes' popular How To Invest blog ( Mr. Rhodes is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (

"Everyone abhors inflationary price hikes." he began. "Consumers have come to expect gradual increases over time of the products and services which they use on a daily basis, but the problem with inflation is that this process is expedited to short spans, and causes people to make adjustments to their normal monetary allocations." he added. "This may include the problem of having to select one item over another, even if both are desired, or even required, which tends to put people in tough spots." he continued. "Downstream, businesses are also effected,  because these decisions impact their bottom line. Like I said, bad for everyone."

But there are some tools which can make this reality a bit easier to deal with, and provide investors with hope for brighter days, according to Mr. Rhodes' post.

"Thankfully investors have some options which can help offset some of the effects of inflation, and I discuss them within the article." he stated. "While they won't completely eliminate it, they can certainly make it more manageable, and provide them with some much-needed income along the way." he closed.   


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