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The Investor's Advocate: Built to Survive


Taking a Page From Nature's Rule Book to Select Stocks That Endure During Difficult Economic Conditions

With the continued financial fallout from the Coronovirus decimating the economy, how can you be sure that the companies within your portfolio will be able to sustain themselves in an environment in which only certain sectors appear to be producing profits?

For tips on finding the answer, and how to identify stocks which actually thrive in such conditions, you should read "Corporate Darwinism" ( by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (, which is a recent posting on his popular How To Invest blog  (

"Nature has provided a specific set of rules which determine whether certain species will survive, while others won't, and they are actually easily translated into ways of identifying companies which will do the same." he began. "Whether you're discussing animals, fauna or corporations, the proving ground is to see how well adaptive each are during periods of difficulty." he added. "Those who do this well will survive and develop traits which make them more formidable, while those who don't will face extinction. Nature is quite clear on this directive."

There has already been multiple bankruptcies since the pandemic began, and many additional companies are laying off personnel, or actually eliminating positions in order to stay afloat. If this trend continues, just how many more companies will face the chopping block before herd immunity vaccinations are finally implemented?

"The best maneuver during these types of situations is to own those companies which are best suited to survive in difficult environments." he explained. "Within the post, I outline ways of identifying such companies, so that investors can better position their portfolios to reflect this new reality." he concluded.

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