The Investor's Advocate: The Stock Market as A Proxy for Life?

 Identifying How Market Strategies Translate to Everyday Usage

We all know that the stock market provides us with opportunities to build wealth, but did you know that it could provide us with other advantages, as well? Some, in fact, which may ultimately prove to be more important than the appreciation of our capital? This view is expressed by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( , in a posting on his popular How To Invest blog ( called "It's Not Just About The Money" (

"For the observant, the stock market has multiple dimensions." he began. "Each of which that can provide us with lessons which goes far beyond the growth of our money." he added. "The ways in which you approach it will determine whether you are able to recognize them or not, but they do exist." he explained.

By paralleling the workings of the stock market with everyday life, Mr. Rhodes is able to find common ground between two subjects which rarely, if ever, tend to intersect. While in the process of doing so, he's providing investors with universal lessons which are congruent to both areas, despite their seemingly apparent differences.

"Most strategies can be equally applied to life; whether it's maneuvers designed for chess, or tactics for investment portfolios." Mr. Rhodes stated. "Delving into the mechanics of these tools allows individuals to identify their broader appeal, and to apply their usage to multiple aspects of their lives for remarkably similar results." he concluded

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