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How to Use a Resource We are All Too Familiar with to Grow Your Portfolio

What if I told you that there was a resource which could increase the value of your investments, and it probably stares you in the face on a regular basis? Would you be interested in attaining this knowledge? If so, then perhaps you should read a posting called "Psst. Want a Hot Stock Tip?" (, by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( from his How To Invest blog (

"This is a resource which I stumbled upon by happenstance many years ago, but has proven to be surprisingly consistent in its ability to predict future trends." he opened. "Recently, advertisers on social media platforms have sought to monetize this asset by targeting so-called Influencers, but there's still opportunities to be had on the grass roots level for those willing to pay attention and engage." he added.

Mr. Rhodes explains how important this resource was in helping him to improve the performance of some of his clients' portfolios within the post.

"Successful financial advisors are always keen to keep an ear to the rail when it comes to investment opportunities, regardless of where they originate." he explained. "But I must admit that I was a bit surprised at just how rewarding this asset has proven to be, both in the past and presently." he closed.

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