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Pulling Back the Curtain to Reveal the True Impetus Behind the Markets' Movements

Would you like to find out what really directs the movements of the stock market? And furthermore, how you can best profit from learning the answer? If so, you should read an interesting post called "Catalyst Analysis"  (, by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( This is a recent entry to his popular How To Invest blog ( 

"The stock market appears as an intimidating entity upon first impression, but its working mechanics are actually quite simplistic." he began. "Once all the layers of complexity are peeled back, what's left are basic fundamental principals that every person can not only recognize, but are also able to identify with." he added. "The discovery of these elements highlights the overall intent of the post." he continued.

These statement may sound a bit unbelievable to most, but Mr. Rhodes actually provides the proof to back them up within the article.

"Both within the stock market and life, the key to finding success often rests with an individuals' ability to sift through all the noise and focus on the essence of whatever it is you seek to understand." he stated. "This can sometimes be difficult, because layers of complexity have purposely been installed in many systems in order to benefit certain parties, and maintain a certain degree of control." he added. "These knots can, however, be untied, once you recognize them for what they are, and are able to act on them with the concentrated power of focus." he closed.

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