The Investor's Advocate: Time Well Spent


Making the Most of a Finite Resource to Improve Your Investing Acumen

Have you found yourself with a bit too much time on your hands lately? And, as a result, are seeking remedies to quell your reoccurring bouts of cabin fever? If so, then you might find an article called "Dull Lull? Null!" ( helpful. This is a recent posting on the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (, Anthony Rhodes' How To Invest blog (

"I've always found the general, yet specific aspect of time quite fascinating." he began. "Although it is a resource that we all share, the ways in which we use it varies from person to person, and this usage actually determines its relative value towards each individual." he explained. "While one person may spend a particular amount of time reading books, or attempting to solve problems, another may use the exact, same period doing absolutely nothing." he added. "This is, of course, their choice. But in the grand scheme of things, an equal proportion of time has been given to both of them, which has produced very different opinions of value." he continued. "This dichotomy is what I attempted to cover within the post."

How all of this relates to investing is addressed within the article, as Mr. Rhodes explains how to best use our so-called "excessive" time to help us to become better investors.

"From an investing perspective, there never seems to be enough time to amass the data you'd like to procure on all of the companies you're interested in on a regular basis. But there are times when sheer happenstance provides an opportunity to do so." he stated. "When these rare moments occur, smart investors take full advantage of them, and I attempt to give my readers the means to recognize them when they arrive." he concluded.  


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