The Investor's Advocate: Flawed Successes


A Glitch in Nature's Matrix Provides Golden Opportunities for Investors, and Everyone Else

Is there a flaw written within the very coding of nature which makes it susceptible to exploitation? And if so, how can it be utilized to increase the performance of your investments? To find the answers, you should read a posting called "Rewarding Repetitions" ( by Anthony Rhodes. It's a recent addition to his popular How To Invest blog ( Mr. Rhodes is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (

"In this particular case, Mother Nature may actually be a victim of her own success." he began. "Once nature discovers a method which proves to be successful, she, like all of her offspring, seeks to replicate it, and these replications can produce certain opportunities." he added. " But these opportunities only exist for those with both the ability to identify them, and the capabilities to use them to their advantages."

What exactly are these methods? Are they only beneficial to investors? Or, can they be used within other facets of our lives with similar successes? These queries are all addressed within the post.

"Nature has a long, detailed record of successes, which have all been incrementally improved upon over the ages." he continued. "But not all victories are absolute, and some actually produce flaws which can later prove to be exploited." he added. "These are the little nooks which I speak about within the post." he closed.


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