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The Investor's Advocate: "In" Crowd Insanity


Social Constructs and Our Longings to Belong

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the financial elite? And if so, what sacrifices would you be willing to forego to make such a transformation possible? These queries are addressed in a riveting post entitled "Class Pass"  ( by Anthony Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes is the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (, and the article is a recent addition to his popular How To Invest blog (

"The desire to socialize is hardwired within our very beings as humans." he began. "It's what has allowed us to build villages, towns and metropolises by which to gather, trade and construct our diverse communities." he added. "Throw capitalism within the societal mix and you inevitably produce hierarchies, and the yearning to escalate from one platform to another within the hierarchy is what I sought to cover within the post."

These societal structures, along with our desires to be affiliated within certain classes, can have jarring effects on our emotional well-being, and cause us to make trade-offs regarding whether or not to speak up for fear of being removed from such parties, according to Mr. Rhodes.

"As it relates to our finances, it's very important  to understand how this topic translates to the client/advisor relationship, and how working with advisors and firms which place a premium on those relationships actually are, both in words and actions." he continued. "It's best to work with someone who makes you feel both comfortable and valued, regardless of your background." he furthered. "I hope this point come through within the post."   


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